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Portable Solar Solution - Complete 120 watt kit 

Lightweight 2 lb Solar Panel has grommets on edges to easily secure with bungee cords or lines and deploy anywhere.

Out performs every other portable kit on the market with quality Morningstar10 amp charge controller

Have portable solar household power anytime you need it. Anywhere you go. This quality kit has everything you need for quick and easy assembly.

Includes 450 Watt Samlex inverter w/ cables

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Morningstar Charge Controllers

Your System is only as good as the charge controller. The heart of your system is the charge controller. Morningstar and Bogart are by far the best and have a 5 year warranty / 15 year life expectancy. BHA Solar carries the high quality products the top experts recommend so you can have a great solar power system that works reliably for many years.

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Highest quality solar inverters for RV, marine and Off Grid AC power

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     Trimetric Complete System Monitor

The best complete solar system monitor available  rv solar system monitor

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Solar Panel Z Style Flat Roof 4-Mount System, and rail mount system parts

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MC4 Solar cables, breaker box with breakers, info on solar charge controller disconnects, and multi panel connecting cables,

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If you're new to 12v solar, don't worry. It's not magic. Basic systems are pretty simple.

BHA Solar has everything you need to have a dependable and reliable system that will operate for many years

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