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$2,499.00 $2,379.00

BHA SOLAR 450 Watt Premium Solar Kit includes:

Magnum MMS1012 1000W pure Sine Wave Inverter / 50a charger
-includes 1/0 AWG 3′ cable, 200A ANL fuse, Remote, and MMRC25 Battery temp sensor
3 x 150 Watt Grade A 12 Volt Solar Panels
30 Amp Bogart SC2030 12V Charge Controller
-includes temperature sensor
Bogart Trimetric 2030 system monitor
-includes 500a shunt, wiring harness and fuse
Panel Z Mount Sets – 3
MC4 Y connectors to connect your panels together
25 Foot 8 AWG MC4 Male extension cable
25 Foot 8 AWG MC4 Female extension cable
*Complete kit direct to your door, ships free. Please allow aprox 5-10 business days for delivery, ships in several packages. You will need to purchase 4 golf cart 6v batteries and wire them for 12v.



450 Watt Premium Quality RV Solar Kit

         Complete system with 1000W magnum Pure Sine Wave inverter / 50a charger. An excellent RV / Off Grid system for years of safe dependable and continuous power.

With New Cutting Edge Bogart Technology. Tandem 30a Charge Controller & Trimetric System Monitor 


This is an example of a perfect installation with these components. On the right is a Magnum MMS1012 inverter charger that is fed from a 20 amp circuit breaker on the AC side and then feeds out to AC receptacle circuits. The Magnum has a built in 15 amp output breaker, so you don’t need to add one. On the DC side you can see the 200 amp ANL DC fuse. 


Probably the smartest RV solar charge controller ever made

It uses the Trimetric 2030 smart meter for the brain to tell it what to do. The 450W system is a great match with 1-2 pairs of Golf Cart batteries. We recommend setting the SC2030 for 14.8V plus temperature compensation and the high voltage limit at 15.6V


Magnum MMS1012, 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger

When it senses shore power or a generator, the MS1020 charges batteries at a continuous output of 50ADC





Kit includes items below





The Trimetric knows the exact status of the battery charge state because it's tracking everything in and out. It controls and customizes the charging parameters of the SC-2030 for maximum efficiency and to obtain a greater state of charge.
The SC-2030 is a superior solar controller that uses temperature sensing to follow the recommended charging procedures specified by battery companies. Many if not most charger controllers being sold charge at voltages lower than recommended even without temp sensing, which results in gradual steady loss of battery capacity. Several companies recommend voltages occasionally to be as high as 16.3 volts at low temperatures when batteries are at 32 degrees F.

Trimetric 2030RV Monitor:  Quick Guide   Installation Instructions 1/26/16    User Manual 

Bogart SC2030 Controller:  Installation Instructions / User Manual


3 x 150 Watt Solar Panels


Size   59.0″ x 26.5″ x 1.37″

Tempered glass – Anodized Aluminum Frame

30″ cables w/ MC4 connectors

25-year power output warranty

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) [V] 18.0 Volt

Current at Pmax (Imp) [A] 8.34 Amp





3 sets of 4 x Z roof mounts
Heavy duty with stainless steel screws






 y conn


2 sets MC4 Y branch connectors







25 Ft 8 ga MC4 male to charge controller

25 Ft 8 ga MC4 female to charge controller

(ships 30' cable pos/neg to be cut in 1/2)




Inline fuses are very inexpensive and easy to

12v Inline fuses and breakers are very inexpensive and easy to find locally at auto parts or car stereo stores
fuse   _wsb_113x87_fuse

         12v inline fuses and breakers


 3 sp parallel



SC2030 Controller NOTE:
Assembled, the solar in and battery out lugs are exposed.

To make the temperature sensor or communications connections, which are on the back of the TRIMETRIC board, the end user needs to drill holes in the housing. (The Trimetric 2030RV housing does not have any holes either)
You can drill the entrance holes where they would be best for your particular setup.