Portable 120 Watt Solar kit

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For Home, RV's, Off Grid, Cabins - Highest Quality components

*Out performs every other portable solar kit on the market with quality 2013-Horiz-Logo-Color-W-Tagline  10 amp charge controller



Have portable solar household power anytime you need it. Anywhere you go. This quality kit has everything you need for quick and easy assembly. Lightweight 2 lb Solar Panel has grommets on edges to easily secure with bungee cords or lines and deploy anywhere.

Just supply your own 12v deep cell battery(s) and have power within minutes. Dependable, clean, quiet, and easy to install and set up anywhere. Have electricity during outages, or when you go camping.

The Samlex 450 watt Inverter (900 watt surge w/soft start) provides 3.9 amps to run TV/DVD combinations, video games, computers, lights and more. Has 2 regular 120v outlets and usb port for charging, and includes battery cables with clamps


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Easy to install for Back-up, or Portable Solar Emergency Electricity

120 Watt Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panels are 52 x 22 inches, only weigh 2 lbs and produce 20V and 6.0A 

Portable solar Morningstar SS-10-12V charge controller

The charge controller is the heart of your system. Morningstar charge controllers are the most advanced and highest-quality solar charge controllers in the world. For over 20 years helping provide solar-electric power to over 2 million off-grid solar power systems.


                                                        5 year warranty - 15 year life expectancy        SPEC SHEET   OWNERS MANUAL  

Portable solar Samlex 800W Inverter


Includes Samlex 450W inverter

has 2 regular household 120vac outlets, and a USB port for charging.

Runs TVs, laptops, lights and more.

Includes cables to connect to battery and full 2 year warranty

         spec sheet   owners manual

Portable solar mc4 solar cable



15' MC4 extension cables





*BHA Portable Solar panels NEVER have a cheap plastic charge controller attached directly to the back of the panel
The controller must ALWAYS be connected to the battery within 2-3 feet or less, otherwise the voltage loss is so great that the battery may never get fully 100% charged (Ever) The controller can remain permanently connected to battery when panels aren't in use.

Constant undercharging kills an expensive 12v battery quickly. This system really works!



Portable solar

WHEN, (not IF) there's a power outage, yours might be the only light shining in the darkness.

Assembly is easy:

1. Put the Panels in the sun, facing south.

2. Connect two short 10 ga wires (not included) from controller to deep cycle battery  + / - posts

 *Important: Controller should ALWAYS be as near the battery as possible. 1-2 feet

 *Controller can remain permanently connected to battery when panels aren't in use. To operate just connect the 2 x 15' wires from panels to the controller with a screwdriver, or add a quick-disconnect plug like an anderson connector.

  If using cable bigger than 10g, just trim a few strands on wire at the end to fit the MS 10a controller set screws

Controller Installation instructions / Owners manual

(controller has settings for flooded or sealed batteries)

3. Attach Inverter to battery

Inverter Installation instructions / Owners manual