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680 WATT RV Solar Kit



680 WATT RV Solar Kit Includes:

4 x 170 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panels

45 Amp Tristar Charge Controller

Z type 4-Mount Brackets (4 sets)
Heavy duty with stainless steel screws.

15 Foot 8ga MC4 cable Male to Charge Controller

15 Foot 8ga MC4 Female to Charge Controller

MC4 Custom Spider Cable – Connects your panels together.

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The 680 Watt RV Solar kit is Powerful, Reliable and Dependable

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The Tristar Morningstar charge controller out performs all other comparable controllers

Standard kit is 680 Watts & over 36 Amps of charging / hour

Optional Tristar MPPT Controller adds 10-30% Gain in charging amps out of the same panels used on the pwm controller


 4 x 170w panels

  57.8in × 26.5in × 1.1in

        Tempered glass – Anodized Aluminum Frame

weight 26.4 lbs

 30″ cables w/ MC4 connectors

25-year power output warranty

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) [V] 18.0 Volts

Current at Pmax (Imp) [A] 9.44 Amps







Nice 4 panel set up

12v 45 amp Morningstar Tristar Solar Charge Controller





Morningstar are the most advanced and highest-quality solar charge controllers available. For over 20 years helping provide stand-alone, solar-electric power to over 2 million off-grid solar power systems







Optional upgrade with Morningstar TriStar-TS-MPPT-45 Controller 12/24/48V 45Amp

10-30% Gain in charging amps out of the same panels used on a pwm controller


Morningstar’s TriStar MPPT solar controller with TrakStar Technology is an advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) battery charger for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 3kW. The controller provides the industry’s highest peak efficiency of 99% and significantly less power loss compared to other MPPT controllers. The TriStar MPPT features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV by rapidly finding the solar array peak power point with extremely fast sweeping of the entire I-V curve. This product is the first PV controller to include on-board Ethernet for a fully web-enabled interface and includes up to 200 days of data logging.






Add Optional 2013-Horiz-Logo-Color-W-Tagline

Remote meter $149 free Shipping HERE

It ships with 30 meters of cable and a flat face plate for convenient mounting away from the controller. This meter will display a great deal of information about the TriStar controller and the operation of your system.





. RTS_retouch-430x365

Add Optional 2013-Horiz-Logo-Color-W-Tagline RECOMMENDED TEMPERATURE SENSOR.

It sends more voltage when batteries are cold so they still 100% charged.

It sends less voltage when batteries are hot so they don’t overcharge.

$59 Free Shipping HERE





Z type 4-Mount Brackets (4 sets)
Heavy duty with stainless steel screws.








MC4 Spider Cable – Connects your panels together

This custom product allows you to connect your string of panels in parallel without having to use MC4-Y / MC4-T connectors. This reduces the connections and is an easy install of you system. Each set includes a string for MC4 Positive and MC4 Negative connectors spaced 36″ apart



15 Ft 8ga MC4 Male to Charge Controller Positive Lead cable

15 Ft 8ga MC4 Female to Charge Controller Positive Lead cable

(ships 30′ cable pos/neg to be cut in 1/2)






12v Inline fuses and breakers are very inexpensive and easy to find locally at auto parts or car stereo stores
fuse   _wsb_113x87_fuse

          12v inline fuses and breakers

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Morningstar Tristar 45A CHARGE CONTROLLER

Standard PWM, Upgrade to MPPT