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Our 3 Panel GS Kit allows you to install your solar water heater system in record time.  The GS System uses a “Solar Sidewinder” heat exchanger by Spectrum Solar. The Solar Sidewinder replaces one of the electric heating elements in your water heater and circulates a special food grade solar heat transfer fluid (DOWFROST) through the panels instead of water. Using our revolutionary EZ-Connect  Solar Water Heater panels you can simply thread the panels together. No more external connection pipes for multi panel installations! Each panel weighs slightly over 12 lbs. and is 24″ by 24″ but can still provide you with ample hot water. As with all of our Heliatos Solar Water Heating Kits you can begin your system with a few panels and  add more if you need more.  With this kit you DO NOT have to solder at all!

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kit3s(2)Each kit comes with:

  • 3 EZ-37 Panels

  • 1 TopsFlo TS5 15PV Pump

  • 1 Solar Sidewinder Heat Exchanger by Spectrum Solar

  • 1 Grade A 10W PV panel to power the pump – NO grid connection required – plus wire and PV mounting kit

  • 1 Heliatos Glycol Fill Valve

  • 1 Extrol Expansion Tank

  • 1 Complete Set of Fittings and Adapters

  • 2 Quarts DOWFROST Food Grade Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Installation Instructions Booklet

  • *This product fits most 40, 50, and 80 gallon electric water heaters built after the year 2000 which utilize screw-in heating elements. For other types of water heaters please consider a GH type system.


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kit w/100' pex tubing $906, Standard kit $859