Great for Cabins, hunting and fishing camps, farms, ranches and everyday home use.  You save money with these easy systems for permanent or backup electricity.
*All of our solar kits are for 12 Volt battery systems


SPECIAL OFFER  400-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

                                                                                                                                                         LEARN MORE HERE                                                                                              


MONOcrystalline Panels

50 ft 10ga MC4 cable

45a charge controller

Optional Meter

 200 WATT OFF GRID SYSTEM W/ SAMLEX 800W INVERTER       $599 free shipping
Inverter Provides 6.9 amps. Run TVs, DVD players, stereo systems, computers, small power tools

               450 WATT OFF GRID SYSTEM W/ SAMLEX 1500W INVERTER      $1399 free shipping
   InverterProvides 13 amps to run TVs, small refrigerators and microwaves, computers, household appliances, power tools , wet/dry vacuums, small pumps, motors and more.

600 WATT OFF GRID SYSTEM W/ SAMLEX 2000W INVERTER      $1699 free shipping
InverterProvides 17.4 amps. Run TV/DVD combinations, stereo systems, computers, household appliances such as microwaves or refrigerators, power tools, motors & more.

 600 WATT SYSTEM W/ MAGNUM 1500W INVERTER-CHARGER    $2199 free shipping
For hybrid solar + generator system
Can be hardwired to an electrical panel, and automatically senses AC from a generator, transfers power, and quickly charges your batteries when needed. Designed to accommodate smaller loads and appliances in cabins and off-grid homes.

 Mounting options here


Complete Portable 150w  Solar Power Kit

Quality Kit for Back-up, or Emergency  Electricity

Portable, Easy setup or install for Home, RV's, Off Grid, Cabins

The 800 watt Inverter (1600 watt surge w/soft start) provides 6.9 amps to run small appliances, computers, TV, lights, power tools and more. Has 2 regular 120vac outlets and a usb port for charging phones, etc.

                                           $599 Free Shipping   learn more - BUY HERE

                                       Now on sale  $549



Portable Folding   150 watt Solar Panels only


$499 Free Shipping

Now on sale  $449

Panels and cable only - Does not include charge controller or inverter

 RVers: park in the shade, put the panel in the sun - Adjustable angle for maximum efficiency. Compact Size, Folds Easily for Storage and carrying. The 2 high efficiency Mono-crystalline 75 Watt Panels are rated at 18V and 8.33 Amps
Prewired with 16 foot cable with Anderson connectors for quick disconnect from charge controller at battery(s)  


An Easy way to get started in solar power is with simple DIY kits. For everyday home use, or emergency backup. Use for RV's, homes cabins, shops, barns, outdoor lighting, camping, boats, etc. Have permanent or temporary electricity anywhere, anytime. WHEN (not IF) there's a power outage, yours might be the only light shining in the darkness. 12 volt deep cycle batteries (not included) are needed for backup power storage and are covered by the 30% tax credit as well as all installation costs if you're not a total DIY person.