Our mini wind generators are micro sized wind turbines and are built entirely within the USA. They are value priced so that anyone can afford to explore wind generated power

"This little wind generator is a nice entry into learning more about wind energy. It is small, but works."


"I am using it as an additional battery charger to compliment my solar setup."

We have sold several thousand of these turbines over the years and they have been used successfully by boaters, farmers,  RVers, campers, hunters and science classes all over the world. 

Free Shipping - These are built to order and ship in 5-7 days

Wind power really works! Many folks use these micro turbines with their solar panels when providing power to remote barns, shops, cabins, fence chargers, gate openers, sailboats etc.



This is a 50 watt mini wind turbine. It was designed for MEDIUM wind areas

$149 Free Shipping  learn more / shop here

It will start turning in as little as 5-6 mph winds after it is broken in. Consider 16-18 mph winds to be perfect and and 25-35 mph winds to be maximum survivable conditions. In normal conditions (15+  mph winds) this unit will begin to charge a 12 volt battery. It's maximum output in ideal conditions is 25 volts and 2 amps. Ships in white  as of  2016





This is a new mini-micro medium-high speed wind turbine generator.

 $99 Free Shipping  learn more / shop here

It was designed to produce a maximum of 18vdc and 1 amp in 25 mph winds and the output increases as windspeed increases.  This turbine starts turning in lower winds and will charge AA and AAA batteries very well in 10-12 mph winds.








These 200W mini wind turbines are designed for MEDIUM wind areas.

$249 Free Shipping  learn more / shop here

The output of these units was verified during open voltage tests and direct short amperage tests under controlled conditions. This turbine produces 34 volts and 7 amps in perfect test conditions  ships in white  as of  01-01-2018





This is a 250 watt mini wind turbine. It was designed for LOW to MEDIUM wind areas

$349 Free Shipping  learn more / shop here

This is a 8-blade, medium wind turbine generator built entirely within the USA. Output is computed using open voltage times direct short amps measured at the turbine in perfect test conditions. It was designed to produce a maximum of 30 vdc and 8.5 amps in perfect test conditions.









Please note that ALL of these generator motors are new and TIGHT. They will require more wind to begin turning until they loosen up. Wind chargers keep producing at night after the sun goes down, so consider using solar & wind together to keep batteries fully charged. Simply hook to your charge controller with solar panel.

 Free Shipping (Continental US only)
Yes- International shipping is available on all wind turbines.  PLEASE CONTACT US