480 WATT OFF GRID with 1500W Inverter


Kit Includes:

3 x 160 Watt Solar Panels

 45 Amp Morningstar Tristar 12V Charge Controller  

 Samlex SAM-1500-12 1500W Power Inverter

 MC4 Spider Cable – Connects your panels together.

 15 Foot  10 AWG MC4 Male extension cable

 15 Foot 10 AWG MC4 Female extension cable

 panel Z mount sets – 3

* kit can easily be expanded to 640 watts by adding a panel & Y-connector



 3 x 160 Watt Solar Panels


Size   58.26" x 26.61" x 1.37"

Tempered glass - Anodized Aluminum Frame

30" cables w/ MC4 connectors

25-year power output warranty

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) [V] 18.4 Volt

Current at Pmax (Imp) [A] 8.70 Amp18.4 Volt







12v 45 amp Morningstar Tristar Solar Charge Controller


Morningstar charge controllers are the most advanced and highest-quality products available. For over 20 years helping provide stand-alone, solar-electric power to over 2 million off-grid solar power



MC4 Spider Cable - Connects your panels together

This custom product allows you to connect your string of panels in parallel without having to use MC4-Y / MC4-T connectors. This reduces the connections and is an easy install of you system. Each set includes a string for MC4 Positive and MC4 Negative connectors spaced 36" apart


15 Ft 10 AWG MC4 Male to Charge Controller

15 Ft 10 AWG MC4 Female to Charge Controller

Z type 4-Mount Brackets
Heavy duty with stainless steel screws.



Samlex SAM-1500-12 1500W Power Inverter
The SAM-1500-12 connects directly to your 12 Volt DC battery to provide up to 13 amps of 115 Volt AC current whenever and wherever you need it.

The SAM-1500-12 runs most AC powered electronic equipment, including TV/DVD combinations, small refrigerators and microwaves, computers, household appliances, power tools, wet/dry vacuums, small pumps, motors and more. The Samlex SAM-1500-12 is both cost effective and powerful. It features a compact design, load controlled cooling fans and an ETL safety listing.