RV and Marine 2 Panel Solar Hot Water Kit


RV and Marine 2 Panel
Solar Hot Water Kit
for water heater that has a built in heat exchanger
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Kit with 2 Marine Panels $599 Free Shipping

Kit for RV or Marine Water Tanks with a built in heat exchanger
Includes everything you need:

These panels include special features to prevent corrosion even in the harshest environments

Zinc-phosphate internal corrosion protection, Sealed construction, and Powder-coated frame and backing


Our 2 Panel MH-38 Solar Water Heating Kit comes with all the parts needed to install your solar water heater system on your RV or Marine Water Tanks with a built in heat exchanger.

The MH-38 panels are specially built to cope with harsh marine conditions. Each panel weighs slightly over 14 lbs. and is 24" by 24" but can still provide you with ample hot water. With this kit you DO NOT have to solder at all! 


Please Note - Will NOT work with Marathon Non Metallic (Plastic) Water Heaters.


   Information Downloads:

  • Installation Instructions

  • MH-38 Solar Thermal Panel Datasheet

  • TopsFlo TS5 15PV Pump Information


  •   12 volt circulating pump. Kit works with ANY water pressure                           TFSS1

                                    10 Watt solar panel for pump with wire and mounting kit (simply attach 2 wires from panel to pump)                           10w pv kit

                                Extrol #15 Expansion Tank     
    Glycol, Expansion tank and 25 feet 3/8 OD Pex

    Glycol Fill Valve

    Filling a closed loop system with heat transfer fluid is easy with this fill valve. It allows you to flush the fluid through the loop continuously using the included drill pump. The continuous flush assures that no pockets of air remain in the system. No air means that your system will run at peak efficiency and the glycol will last longer. With this filling your closed loop system properly only takes a few minutes.

    • Complete Fill Valve Body with three Full Port Ball Vaves
    • Power Drill operated pump
    • Adapter for 1/2" hose
    • Two 2ft. pieces of 1/2" braided nylon hose (not shown in picture)

    All you need to have is the power drill (corded or cordless), a bucket, and the Glycol to fill your system