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BHA Solar Hot Water Heating Kits are amazingly efficient, highly engineered, and come with all the parts needed to install your system on your RV, cabin or house. This system connects directly to your existing standard water heater and doesn't interfere with existing gas or electric. With these quality engineered solar water heater panels you can simply thread the panels together. Each panel weighs slightly over 12 lbs. and is 24" by 24" but can still provide you with ample hot water. You can begin your system with a few panels and add more if you need more.

With these kits you DO NOT have to solder at all!

3p ez

For areas with light or no freezes, or you are willing to drain the system when temperatures might go below 38ºF



For areas that have regular hard freezes, systems are protected from panel freezing down to -17


Kit for Marine with built in heat exchanger $839










 RV Solar hot water kit for 6 or 10 gal tanks $459








What is a Solar water Heater?

Our systems are unique, and inexpensive, no need for an extra tank. Here's how it works:
Cold water will be pumped out of your water heater and then through the solar water heating panels where it is heated by the sun. The pump's electricity is provided by a photovoltaic solar panel, so it's completely off the grid. Free hot water!

How Much will it cost?

Our kits start at under $350 for everything you need. Or you can buy parts separately as needed and put together your own system for even less.

How many panels do I need?

For every 6 gallons in your present water heater you will need 1 panel. If you live in a place like Arizona or Florida you can reduce the number of panels a little. If you aren't sure give us a call or an email, we're here to help!

Where Do I put my panels?

Anywhere there is sun throughout the day. They look great on your roof or next to the house/RV/cabin.

What are the Panels made of?

The front of the panel is twinwall polycarbonate glazing , the same material used for airplane windows, robust and lightweight. The sides are thick  aluminum and the backing is aluminum sheeting.  Out unique design inside (patent pending), provides ample heat but is so lightweight anyone can carry these to a roof or install them on a boat or RV!!

What about Water Pressure?

If you have low water pressure you know you can't have a tankless water heater.  Our system works with any water pressure!

How do I connect to my Existing Water Heater?

We manufacture a simple fitting called the "Bottom Feed Connector" which connects the Solar Water Heater System to your existing water heater. It only takes minutes. No soldering or other difficult operations!

What happens at Dark?

First you use the water that was heated by the sun during the day. Then if you need more hot water then your gas or electric will kick in.

Why have a solar water heater?

Heating water is a huge portion of your electric and/or gas bill (often it can be as high as 40% of your bill). Heating water with the sun is a time-tested and efficient way to heat water. It eliminates waste and saves you money. The Solar Water Heating System is affordable and easy to install.


Kits for Standard Hot Water Tanks include everything you need:

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Solar hot water panels











12 volt circulating pump. Kit works with ANY water pressure










Bottom feed connector










10 Watt solar panel for pump (simply attach 2 wires from panel to pump)











Optional 100 feet of 1/2" PEX tubing






All the fittings to connect everything




EASY to install, no soldering. Very detailed instructions are included

BHA Solar Hot Water Kits

Superior Quality




Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA


Solar Hot Water Kits install easily using standard compression fittings and 1/2" tubing.   

Everything is included. Doesn't interfere with electric or gas heater operation


Polycarbonate Twinwall Glazing is UNBREAKABLE - the same material used for airplane windows. Thick Aluminum Frame, and Aluminum Backing.  Systems are modular and easily expandable


 These Kits Ship via UPS



This restoration included a BHA 2 panel solar hot water kit they added with their 2000W solar elec system

You can see the 2 solar hot water panels towards the rear, and the water lines curving into the roof

And YES. That's an air conditioner on the tongue (mini-split) which runs off solar power