300A Class T Fuse Kit


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For safe operation of your inverter, a Class T Fuse and Holder is a recommended accessory that offers you over-current protection.

The Class T Fuse Kit has a cover that protects from inadvertent contact with the battery fuse and posts, and the fuse is Class-T rated to allow for momentary surges without blowing.

As current passes through any cable, heat is generated. If the inverter draws more current than the cable can handle due to heavy loads, excessive heat is produced. The fuse can handle a certain amount of excess current but is designed to blow when the safe limits are exceeded, protecting the cable from deterioration or permanent damage.

Proper sizing of the cable and fuse are important in ensuring that these hazards are avoided. For specific recommendations, refer to the inverter or inverter/charger owner’s manual

Product Features

  • DC rated, UL listed high current 300 Amp Class T fuse
  • Protective clear removable cover protects against inadvertent contact
  • Dual post design to reduce arcing
  • Easy to change, user replaceable fuses