400 Watt Solar MPPT Off Grid 2000W Pure Sine Inverter & 105AH Lithium battery


Put together your own dependable “solar generator” system for long term outages or full time use

Complete System Kit includes:

105AH – 1260WH Zantrex Lithium 10 year warranted battery,

LEDs on battery show state of charge %, System monitoring via smartphone

2 x 200W solar panels, 2 x Z mount sets, MC4 Y set, 2 x 20′ 10awg MC4 ext cables

Tristar 30A MPPT Morningstar charge controller, includes remote temp sensor

WAGON 2000 Watt pure sine inverter, 3 GFCI outlets and USB charging port

Inverter 3ft battery cables, 200 Amp ANL fuse kit, remote switch with a 18ft cable.


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2 x 200W panels & Tristar MPPT can recharge the 1260WH lithium storage battery from empty to 100% with only a few hours of sun each day, and charges continuously even during use and low light conditions. The battery has a 10 year warranty, Solar panels 25 years, Industrial Morningstar charge controller 5 year warranty 15-20 year average life

       Zantrex 105AH Lithium Battery - 1260WH - 10 year warranty

10 Yr Warranty 105AH 12V Lithium 

These Xantrex Lithium batteries can be deeply discharged and recharged up to 6000 times without harm and they only weigh 25 lbs

They're perfect for Solar charging systems as they can Recharge 5X faster than lead acid

Built in BLE module for status and communication with the battery


This Quality Kit Includes a 2000 Watt / 4000W surge WAGON Pure Sine inverter and Morningstar industrial quality 30A MPPT charge controller has worlds highest 99% peak efficiency for fast daily re-charging

The 400 WATT SOLAR system will operate lights, kitchen appliances, microwaves, power tools, TVs, radios, and computers. Mount and connect Solar panels, and connect the inverter to 12v Lithium battery. Plug your AC devices into the inverters 3 standard outlets or USB port and you've got power whenever and wherever you need it.


This is a simple 12V 1000W system with a 2000W-4000W surge Pure Sine inverter to convert 12vdc from your solar charged battery bank to pure clean standard 120vac power.

The Wagan Tech Pure Line 2000 power inverter is ideal for powering AC appliances from a lithium 12V battery(s) off grid or in your vehicle, boat, truck or RV, making it perfect for camping, tailgating, or wherever you need power on the go. With 2,000 watts of continuous power, and 4,000 watts of surge capability, powering computers, appliances, and other electronics is a breeze.

Have enough power to run many refrigerators or small air conditioners during an emergency outage or full time. Have lights and keep phones and laptops charged for having news and communications if this is used as an emergency backup system. Or simply use your system for full time independence and renewable power.

Easy to install, You'll be up and running in no time


400 WATT SOLAR OFF GRID  KIT includes two Grade A 25 year warranty 200w solar panels




Size   55.5″ x 27.7″ x 1.37″  24lbs

Tempered glass – Anodized Aluminum Frame

36″ cables M/F w/ MC4 connectors

25-year power output warranty

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) [V] 18.6 Volts

Current at Pmax (Imp) [A] 10.7 Amps



400 watt solar kit includes a premium quality 12v 30A Morningstar Tristar MPPT  Charge Controller.

Widely regarded as the finest charge controllers in the world, 1000s of Morningstares are still functioning perfectly in the field after 25 years of continuous use

2013-Horiz-Logo-Color-W-Tagline      DATA SHEET OWNERS MANUAL
Morningstar charge controllers are the most advanced and highest-quality products available. For over 25 years helping provide stand-alone, solar-electric power to over 2 million off-grid solar power systems

Your Solar system is only as good as your charge controller and will work reliably and be dependable for many years using a Morningstar Charge Controller. These are widely considered the very finest solar charge controllers in the world.

Morningstar controllers have a 5 year warranty with a 15+ year expected life.

includes free $59 remote temp sensor


SS Z  4-Mount System

Heavy duty with mounts with stainless steel bolts allow you to put more than one (up to 4) screws on each corner of a panel if you wish to








20 Ft 10ga MC4 Male to Charge Controller Positive Lead cable

22 Ft 10ga MC4 Female to Charge Controller Positive Lead cable






y conn




Set of MC4 Y branch connectors





Kit Includes Inverter remote and 200 amp ANL fuse kit


Optional Tristar 45 Digital face plate Meter
$149 Free Shipping

This meter will display a great deal of information about the TriStar controller and the operation of your system. In addition, the meter enables manual functions and controller diagnostics. These capabilities will increase your confidence that the system is working properly and will help you to improve system reliability, battery life, and system performance.







Optional Tristar 45 Digital Remote Meter

powder coated steel wall mounting plate

includes 30 meters of cable

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