Samlex EVO-RC Plus Remote Control


The EVO-RC-PLUS is an intelligent remote control used with the Samlex EVO Inverter/Charger Series to adjust and monitor the inverter/charger from a remote location. The EVO-RC-PLUS remote features a wide LCD screen for displaying real-time activity including output voltage, frequency, amps, watts, volt amps, power factor, battery voltage, battery current, solar input current and more. The EVO-RC-PLUS allows access to advanced features for programming of up to 58 different operating parameters to meet desired operating conditions.

The EVO-RC-PLUS can capture performance data onto a removable SD card, allowing you to record historic power consumption, inverter functionality, battery charging activity, as well as many other parameters. Additionally, it will Identify detected faults and the conditions leading up to them, allowing you to analyze trends for more efficient use of off-grid resources. The EVO-RC-PLUS remote also features an internal Real Time Clock and Super Capacitor Type of battery for clock and timing operations.

The Samlex EVO-RC-PLUS features a metal enclosure for increased durability, is flush mountable, and includes a 33-foot data cable for easy connection and remote mounting.


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  • Product Features

    • Program various parameters and modes of operation

    • Provides real time and data logged performance details

    • SD Card Slot (accepts SD Card up to 16GB) to record data

    • Indicates the status of Inverter & Charging Modes

    • Power ON/OFF, or switch to Standby Mode

    • Metal enclosure for increased durability

    • Flush mountable

    • Includes 33 ft of RJ-45 data cable

  • Compatible Models

    • Samlex EVO 2212, 3012, 2224, 4024, 1212F


Samlex EVO-RC Plus Remote Control

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