Dealers or RV Solar Installers get discounted pricing and Free Shipping

RV Solar Installers

We welcome like minded businesses partners and RV Solar Installers who want to offer customers proven solar products at a reasonable price for a system that's trouble free for many years, while maximizing battery life and increasing the value of their RV.

If you have experience installing solar as an established, honest and reputable RV Dealer, Repair shop, Tiny house builder or a solar Installer, or would like to start offering your RV customers high quality solar packages, you're in the right place.

We carry only the most dependable and reliable products including core system functionality using industrial quality Morningstar charge controllers with a 5 year warranty and 15 year expected life. (many are still operating in constant use over 20 years) All solar panels have a standard 25 year power warranty.

Customers never call to say their system doesn't work, only to say thank you or to upgrade, expand or install another system

We offer full tech support for design and installation for anything from the smallest most basic single panel charging for vans or pop-up campers to the largest systems for diesel pushers or 40 foot 5th wheels, including systems using lithium batteries or hybrid solar systems with Industry best Magnum Inverter / Chargers, auto gen start, remote controls and Trimetric full system monitors. We can also talk directly with your customers at your request if they need more help understanding anything. We personally have used our own products for many years, we're highly experienced and have a 10 year track record of successful sales on our website, including many RV dealers, shops and installers who order regularly

Once approved you will receive a discount Code to use for online checkout to get an instant 5% off any online orders from, and you may be listed on our website and be recommended to our buyers as an approved RV solar installer for your area. (We've served over 1.4 million customers since 2009) Most installers simply quote the product cost and make money off the regular hourly rate for installation, (typically $100-150 / hour) and some mark up our systems back to retail cost for resale. You do not need to carry inventory unless you wish to do so. We ship fast and free directly to your location as soon as orders are received

An invoice including discount can also be sent if requested or for any custom orders / special pricing etc. and can also be paid online with any credit card, debit card or paypal


Thank you,

Bill Andersen