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What are the new Solar Generators?  Not really generators at all.
It’s a battery with an inverter inside a plastic box and most charge extra for any solar panels.
It’s a deceptive description of a solar/battery/inverter system, designed to look like a gas generator.
Any solar charging kit like ones we’ve been selling for >13 years, combined with deep cycle batteries and an inverter is an actual “Solar Generator”

2200W Gas generator $1200

Runs a full sized refrigerator freezer 24-7 on 2-3 gallons of gas / day

Has an engine mechanically producing constant 2200W –

“Solar” 1800W generator $3100 w/ 400w solar

Runs full sized refrigerator freezer (BUT ONLY FOR 3 HOURS!)

Cheap battery in a box  only 24 mo warranty, zero customer service & basic unit shown doesn’t even include solar panels. 


Compare the 1800W “solar generator” above for $3100 and a 2 year warranty to a 2000W system below

Runs a full sized refrigerator freezer for 10 years

2000W Inverter 400W Solar MPPT with 10 yr warranted Lithium battery  $2249

2 x 200W panels & Tristar MPPT can recharge the battery from empty to 100% with only a few hours of sun each day, and charges continuously even during use. The battery has a 10 year warranty, Solar panels 25 years, Industrial charge controller 5 year warr, 15+ year average life expectancy

Put together your own dependable “solar generator” system for long term outages or full time use and have confidence that your system won’t break down during emergencies, because the heart and brain of your system, a morningstar MPPT charge controller, is the highest quality in the world. Over 4 million installed in over 100 countries since 1993 — functioning in some of the most extreme environments & mission-critical applications in the world


With most “Solar Generators” solar panels are NOT included. Only a plug in connection if you pay extra to buy their panels ($699 for 1 cheap 200w folding panel in example shown above)

These companies are making a fortune off of innocent people who are looking for the easiest way to have temporary power for electronics camping, tailgating or anywhere, anytime or to have backup residential power during an outage.  A new generation of folks has come to expect instant gratification with little effort. Many know what they want and they want it now. Plug and play mentality is a fake marketing tool to convince gullible uninformed folks that these cheap Chinese low quality products are a quick, new and easy answer for all the power you’ll ever need

They’re absolutely not.

Wildly exaggerated claims and a lot of slick advertising are just lies to convince you this is great portable power supply. The huge price tags and very short or no warranties should be a warning sign against these junky imported products that don’t even come close to living up to their wildly exaggerated claims

When they stop working (many reportedly dont work right out of the box) they cant be repaired. You can’t replace any parts. Need tech support? Good luck talking to a human much less one that knows anything besides fake advertising answers and speaks English.




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How to Save Money (26%) on Your complete RV or OFF GRID Solar System and Installation

This is some very simple information, cut and dried. But to my amazement, many folks ignore it.

It’s not complicated (there’s a one page form to fill out) and if you happen to be a US tax payer, then you qualify

Will I really get 30% of my Money back?

(On Everything I spend on Solar and Wind?)

YES! Not only that, but “On everything” means Batteries, mounting, wiring, labor, all misc. parts and installation costs, etc. Every penny of the “total cost” to get your RV solar panels, solar hot water, or wind power up and running on your RV, home or cabin. That $1000 Solar Kit you’re thinking of getting will really only end up costing you $740 or less.


How exactly do I get my money back?

It’s easy!

You’ll get it back from Uncle Sam as soon as you file your taxes for the year. Just save all your receipts and show your tax preparer or

get the form at the end of this article. Just fill out form 5695 and enter the amount on your income tax form.

This is not a tax deduction. This is a Credit, dollar for dollar from what you owe


Like cash in your pocket, and if you have more credit than tax, it carries forward up until Dec. 2023.

Do RVs qualify to get the credit?

YES again. The IRS considers your RV a “second home” if you also own a primary residence. I’m surprised at how many folks I speak to about solar for their RVs that didn’t know they’d get 26% of their money back. I can say from experience, RV people LOVE discounts, and this is hard to beat. That’s a huge savings, not to mention all the other benefits and savings of solar and wind power

26% is the 2022 minimum, but you can get more than that!

YES, at LEAST  26% cash back because every state has its own set of extra rebates and incentives too. On top of the federal 30% and the state credits, even many counties and local utilities have additional programs to get money back.

Can I save even more??

YES! Lots more. Hopefully this information will open your eyes to the true lowest cost of getting and using clean, free alternative energy. But there’s still more. The solar or wind system you install has instrumental value. The value of all the free energy you’ll get for over 25 years, maintenance free, will add up to much more than you spent, and has a fantastic ROI, (return on investment.) Not only will you keep on saving money for many years, but the inherent dollar value of the equipment itself immediately increases the value of your home, RV, or boat, or cabin.

To Check your State for the extra savings in your area, go here and just click on the map where you live

Get your form for the 26% credit HERE

We’ve been passionate about alternative energy and lifestyle for over 40 years. For lots more information about very affordable solar & wind power kits and products, please visit our website